Summon your Inner Sommelier

My Wine Witch specializes in fun, themed wine event kits that empower at-home wine enthusiasts, party planners, events coordinators, sommeliers, wineries and distributors. Our kits engage, entertain and educate. Our art inspires and makes the world a more beautiful place.


What We Do


My Wine Witch was created to offer fun, themed wine event tasting kits to anyone wanting to host a wine party. Please note that our kits do not include the actual wine. Instead, we tell you what wines to buy, where to buy them and how much to buy. We will tell you what food to buy that will complement the wines. We are your secret weapon in creating and hosting fun, interesting and educational wine parties.

Want to use your wines? We can customize our kits to utilize your inventory or brands!

Our artsy side of the business offers pre made crafted items that may be used as favors or gifts. These same items may be purchased as a Creative Coven Kit to make at your wine event, too.

Looking for an engaging Wine Club, Bachelorette Party or Holiday Party? Let the Witch do the Work!



Want to check out our fun, themed wine kits? Peruse our Themed Wine Kit options be searching by season or use the search bar for specific varietals or regions.


Instant Downloadable Themed Wine Kit

Want to do it yourself? Select this option & the kit link will be sent to your email. You'll need a color printer & paper for this option. Note that instant downloads are non refundable & do not include wine.


Themed Wine Kit Mailed to Me

Select this option & the kit will be mailed to your provided address. Note that kits do not include wine.


Let the Witch do the Work

Select this option and My Wine Witch will plan and host the themed kit of your choice.


Upcoming Wine Events and Art


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