Fire And Ice

Cozy up this winter with our “Fire and Ice” Kit! From sweet and chilled to spicy and mulled, we’ve kept everyone’s palate in mind. Featuring a whiskey-barrel aged Red Blend, a spicy Zinfandel to be used for the mulled wine, an Ice wine and an esoteric, sweet Dessert wine), this kit offers a wide range of taste profiles for all guests. Enjoy comfort food and wine pairing suggestions and learn about how each of these very different wines are made. This kit includes our yummy recipe for Mulled Wine that your guests will enjoy. Suggested attire for attending the event for this themed kit is a Devil or Ice Princess costume. Purchase the kit and read the Instruction document for your first step in preparing for your wine tasting.

*Note that wines do not come with the kit and must be purchased separately.

*Individuals must be 21 years of age or older to attend, purchase and consume alcoholic beverages.

*Contact My Wine Witch for customizable tasting placemats and kits for your specific wines and brands.