Meady Christmas

Our “Meady” Christmas Themed Wine Kit features four meads, also known as “the drink of the Gods”. This drink is made from fermented honey, water and fruits, spices and and grains or hops and is known to be the oldest fermented beverage. Enjoy holiday charcuterie pairing suggestions for each mead and learn what differenciates one from the other. Did you know that meads can be served warm or cold? Most meads are gluten-free so this kit is ideal for God or Goddesses who live a gluten-free life. Featured meads are: Metheglin, Cyser, Dragon’s Blood and Blackberry. Encourage your guests to dress in anything with either a Christmas flair or even in a Greek God or Goddesses costume. Purchase the kit and read the Instruction document for your first step in preparing for your wine tasting.

*Note that meads do not come with the kit and must be purchased separately.

*Individuals must be 21 years of age or older to attend, purchase and consume alcoholic beverages.

*Contact My Wine Witch for customizable tasting placemats and kits for your specific wines and brands.