Six Years Later, Our Vision is Still the Same

May 27, 2020

Six Years Later Our Vision Is Still the Same

Northern Ireland, where Hygieia has a wholly owned subsidiary of which Bashan is managing director. His topic: inventions – specifically, what inventions must do to travel from concept to popular adoption. He was well qualified to speak on this, having just expanded Hygieia’s d-Nav® insulin management program from a small, independent project to an AI-powered application being used by Northern Ireland’s national health system to treat people with Type 2 diabetes who use insulin. The results were extremely positive. Patients in the program were experiencing significantly improved clinical outcomes and high levels of satisfaction with their treatment.

Bashan’s perspective in his talk was that great inventions need help, “a habitat in which their ideas can flourish.” As you’ll see in the short video of his talk below, Bashan included examples such as Karl Benz’ automobile, Thomas Edison’s light bulb, even the wheel – world-changing ideas that needed first to be demonstrated before achieving wider use. “If you want your invention to be adopted,” he observed, “it is your job to show the world how it is to be used.”

Six years later, Hygieia has done just that with d-Nav®. Our experience in Northern Ireland has certainly gone a long way in showing the effectiveness of our program. But 6 years later,  Eran knows that we still have more to do.  There’s a lot more people to convince if we’re to gain wider adoption by the doctors and other caregivers that treat the millions of Americans with Type 2 diabetes who rely on insulin therapy. Our current focus is in the state of Michigan, where with our partners we’re achieving similar clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction to what we achieved in Northern Ireland. Meanwhile, have a look back at where we were five years ago, and the curiosity and confidence that still drives us.

About Eran Bashan, PhD, CEO and Chairman

Eran has over 20 years experience in leadership, execution, research, innovation, and team building. He co-founded Hygieia in 2008 and demonstrated his ability to bring products from ideation to commercialization. Prior to Hygieia, Eran managed R&D at OTM Technologies, a startup company focusing on unique optical sensor applications. Prior to OTM, Eran was with Elbit Systems (NASDAQ:ESLT). He also spent several years as a lecturer. Eran started his career in the military as a field officer where he was a Company commander in the Armor Corps. Eran holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan.